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About Strikeworks

StrikeWorks products are manufactured in McKinney, Texas. Being located in northeast Texas allows us to develop and test our products on some of the best bass fishing lakes in the country such as Lake Fork and Ray Roberts. Our goal is to provide the highest quality products and a wide array of color and design choices. Mustad Ultra Point hooks, high quality paint and glitter finishes, and unique skirt combinations give you the edge you need to catch fish in some of the toughest conditions.

All jigs come with a rattle collar and two cylindrical steel ball rattles for enhanced performance and fish catching ability. StrikeWorks products are designed to catch fish in all kinds of conditions across the country such as clear water, aquatic vegetation, rocks and various types of wood cover. StrikeWorks Tackle Company is committed to continually developing products that will keep you on the leading edge of bass fishing.


The StrikeWorks Grass Jig is perfectly suited for fishing
around all types of vegetation.  The narrow head design
allows you to swim the jig through grass, pads, timber and
many other types of cover.  It is also great for swimming
around docks.  The reflective 3-D soft molded eyes provide
a super-realistic quality to these baits that bass can’t resist.  Made in three popular sizes, 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 ounce, the Grass Jig is a must have on lakes with clear to murky water conditions and any type of aquatic vegetation.  Includes two cylindrical steel ball rattles.  Also includes and new improved collar for holding the skirt on and a barb trailer keeper.

The StrikeWorks Finesse Jig is the perfect lure for tough fishing conditions and high fishing pressure situations. The uniquely cut skirt and barb collar allow for a small profile bait, perfect for finicky bass. The flat-eye, light wire, black nickel Mustad Ultra Point hook assures a solid hookset every time. Works great in all water clarities, in and around vegetation, wood and other cover. Available in 3/16 and 1/4 ounce sizes and an array of skirt combinations. Includes two cylindrical steel ball rattles for great fish catching sound.  Now also comes in a 5/16 Flippin Finesse model with a shorter shank, heavy wire flippin hook can be checked at

The StrikeWorks Wood Jig works great around all wood cover such as stumps, laydowns, brush piles and docks. The wide, standup head design is made not to wedge between cracks and crevices in trees and branches. Paired with two of our rattles and a craw trailer, the bait sits on bottom in a “defensive” position much like a crawfish with its claws up. Made with black nickel Mustad Ultra Point hooks, the Wood Jig comes in 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 ounce sizes.


As a tournament fisherman, I have to have confidence in the tackle I use. I have to know that it will last, and I have to be confident in its fish-catching ability. StrikeWorks jigs combine the best of both. All their jigs are great looking and they work! They are also one step ahead of any other jig manufacturer by using unique combinations in their skirts that are proven to be what the fish want and online homework help.

Brent Conway


“I went to the Texas Fishing Show in Mesquite on Friday January 16th, 2004 and as I made my way around all of the vendors nice and slow so I wouldn’t miss a bargain I came across Jim Russell’s booth, and although I am not a jig fisherman (at all!), I let Jim go through his spill about his line of jigs. After a little bit I told him I would buy a couple and try them out on Texoma the next day because I had a club tournament there Saturday. After a minute or two I left Jim’s booth with a few of his Finesse Jigs. I left to go on to Texoma to get ready for my tournament, and I tied on the green pumpkin jig that I got from Jim. That little bait caught me two keepers in my tournament, which I won with 14.60lbs. Not a bad January day!”

J.D. Foster


I have, for years, relied on a jig as my “go to” bait. As a result of the confidence I’ve developed in jigs over the years, my arsenal consisted of many different manufacturers with many different color combinations. After having the opportunity to fish a StrikeWorks jig and see first hand how they out-perform the old “stand-by” jigs I owned, I’ve made the switch.

You won’t find another jig in my boat other than a StrikeWorks!

David Payne


I just wanted to let you know that on February 8th, I caught the fish of a lifetime on one of your jigs. The fish was caught at Lake Fork Texas and weight 7.8 lbs. It was caught on a 1/4 oz. StrikeWorks Finesse jig in your Craw color. Your jig came in handy as the water conditions were really tough and the bite was very slow. I have no doubt that I would not have caught the fish on any other bait!

I’ve been STRUCK!!! Thanks StrikeWorks!

Joseph Toole

I have relied on Jigs in my 29 years of tournament competition and recreational fishing because of the confidence I have in them. However, I did not know “True” quality until I began fishing StrikeWorks Jigs.  Being part of the StrikeWorks Pro-Staff Team gives me the edge I need to compete with other anglers and so many different baits available on the market today.  The very first tournament I fished as part of the StrikeWorks Pro-Staff, I placed third in a Regional Tournament on
Kentucky Lake with a limit of 5 fish weighing 14.83.  I caught every fish on StrikeWorks Jigs.  Three came on the 1/4 Finesse Jig, and Two off the 3/8 Grass Jig.

I have fished six (6) tournaments in 2004 where I won 2, placed 3rd, and had three more top 25 finishes.  Prior to the incorporation of StrikeWorks, I fished the Eakin’s Finesse Jig.  I caught fish, but not like the fish I catch on the StrikeWorks series of Jigs.  And the quality of the jig, well there is no comparison.

Thank you Jim for making the quality, durable and deadly Strikeworks Jigs.  I am extremely proud to be a part of the StrikeWorks Team.

Billy J. Brooks
Memphis, TN